Thoughts for 31st March

Readings: Exodus 14, Proverbs 10, Luke 23,


There is a climax point in most lives – a cross roads where a decision has to be made as to which path we will take!

We read yesterday in Numbers of the conflicting reports of the twelve who had gone up to spy out the land, a 500 mile journey in 40 days. Today we read of the reaction of the mass of the people to the *discouraging* *reports* of ten of them; we also read of the confident urging of the two who had returned with *positive* *reports*.

It is clear that *these two* have confidence in God, whereas the others *only see* the situation through the *eyes of the flesh*. The latter want to choose a leader to take them back to Egypt – the focus of their thinking is the variety of food available in Egypt- they push out of their minds the memory that they had been slaves. All the experiences of worshipping the LORD, *the wonders at* Sinai and the tabernacle has had *had no lasting impact* on their minds!

*Does the same happen today*? Do human have same order of priorities – even though they may read God’s word from time to time – even quite regularly? We suspect it does.

We now note (and mentally absorb) what the two faithful spies say! “*If the LORD delights in us**, *he will bring us into this land and give it to us … *only do not rebel against the LORD*. And do not fear the people of the land, for they are bread for us; do not fear them.” [Ch.14 v.8,9] But the mass of the people want to stone them, to silence such talk!

We have situations today where people try to silence the true message of the Bible. In centuries past some of those who have given the true message have been stoned, even burnt at the stake! “*But the glory of the LORD appeared*” and the situation changes. He declares, “How long will they not believe in me in spite of all the signs I have done among them? I will … disinherit them …” [v.11,12]

*And the same will happen at* the return of Christ when the door is shut on the foolish virgins. (Matthew 25 v.10) *Let us make sure** “the LORD delights in us” *when “the glory of the LORD appear(s)”


D. Caudery

Thoughts for 30th March

Readings: Numbers 12,13  Proverbs 8,9  Luke 22

       Today we read nearly 50 verses in Proverbs on the wonderful value
of Godly wisdom.  It is written *as though wisdom is a person* – and of
course the Lord Jesus is the one and only perfect example of such a person.
Solomon himself was invited by God to ask for a gift and was commended
because he asked for “a wise and understanding heart” [1 Kings 3 v.5-12]

        We picked out several powerful points in these proverbs.

        Wisdom says, *“I love those who love me*, those who seek me
diligently, find me.” [8 v.17] Wisdom has to be sought for!  “I wisdom
dwell with prudence, and I find knowledge and discretion.  The fear (awe)
of the LORD *is to hate evil*.” [v.12,13]

          We can add to this wisdom’s further words, “*wickedness is
an* abomination
to my lips. All the words of my mouth are righteous; there is nothing
twisted or crooked in them” [v.7,8].  And surely that applies to written
words also, such as emails! Wisdom grants “an inheritance to those who love
me” [v.21]

           Our Bibles’ reveal the nature of that inheritance. It is very
obvious that Jesus is a living example of true wisdom.

           Verses 22 to 30 give us a powerful account of the absolute
knowledge and wisdom that was used *in creating all that exists* on this
earth.  “Ages ago I was set up, at the first, before the beginning of the
earth” [v.23] In these days scientists are discovering more and more of the
boundless extent of the interlocking working of nature, so many forms of
life are utterly remarkable and, what’s more, they depend on one another. *But
tragically, so many have* a blindfold over their minds, failing to see it
all as the handiwork of God.

            In the final 2 verses of Ch. 8 wisdom says, “For *whoever finds
me finds life*, and obtains favour from the LORD, *but he who fails to* *find
me* injures him (or her)self, and all who hate me love death.”

           Let us seek and *“find*” Jesus - as the embodiment of wisdom. We
can read v.32,33 as being his words, “… blessed are those who keep my
ways.  *Hear instruction and be wise, and do not neglect it*.”

D. Caudery


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