Our thought for the day is posted daily. They are based upon the bible readings of the day.  We are thankful to Mr. David Caudery for these comments. If you would like a copy of the daily Bible Reading Chart.. Click the link below.

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Thought for June 29th. “IN A SINGLE HOUR”

June 29th, 2020|0 Comments

Today's readings.. (1 Samuel 10), (Isaiah 54), (Revelation 17,18) The symbolic language of the book of Revelation continues to challenge us. Chapters 17 & 18 today describe the dramatic end of the prostitute (AV whore).

Thought for June 28th. “IT IS DONE”

June 28th, 2020|0 Comments

Today's readings.. (1 Samuel 9), (Isaiah 54), (Revelation 15,16) There is only one place in the Bible that uses the word ‘Armageddon’ - it is in our reading today (Rev.16). It occurs at the climax