Todays readings… 1 Chronicles 10, Ezekiel 23, Luke 20


Our chapter 10 in 1st Chronicles describes how Saul bore ‘the consequences’ because “he did not seek guidance from the LORD.” [v.14]  The same message emerges from the distasteful parable in our 23rd chapter in Ezekiel. 

At the climax of this ‘ugly’ parable of, “the Lord GOD” says, “….Because you have forgotten me and cast me behind your back, you yourselves must bear the consequences…”  [v.35]

As we have read today’s chapter in the gospel of Luke we saw the parable of Jesus giving warning of the same consequences for the religious leaders who were rejecting him.

Jesus tells the parable of the vineyard and the failure of the tenants to whom it had been let out – and how, in the end, they kill the son of the owner saying, ‘This is the heir. Let us kill him, so that the inheritance may be ours.’ [10 v.14]  They were to “bear the consequences…” for doing this!  Thus the nation of Israel was destroyed – the generation that had rejected Jesus.

What do we see today – what is the scene in the whole world?  God’s word has been made available in every language over the last 100 years – and in some cases, much longer.  Most of today’s generation have turned their back on God’s message! 

The great majority are now denying that there even is a God, a great Creator who has given them his Son to believe and follow as the only way to be “considered worthy to attain to that age and to the resurrection from the dead” [v.35].  This is the point Jesus made to “those who deny that there is a resurrection” [v.27]

“Those who deny” the wonder of what is revealed in God’s word “must bear the consequences”  There are awesome “consequences” to come, as we will find – and fear – in Luke’s chapter tomorrow for “those who deny” the truths revealed in God’s word.

And those who do not deny them – must wholeheartedly accept` them – there is no middle way.