We all have probably had the experience of suddenly seeing another side of friend’s character that we did not know existed.   We then wonder who they really are!  Hopefully these are good things we see, but sadly, that is not always the case.

  Now consider the experience of the disciples of Jesus, our heading is the question they asked themselves at a time when they had been “filled with great fear” and as a result had said, “, that even wind and see obey him?” [Mark 4 v.41]

We have already read in Mark of Jesus doing many marvelous healings; a paralysed man, a leper, a man with a withered hand, &c, so that “his fame spread everywhere” [1 v.28]: yet when he stills the storm and “the wind ceased and there was a great calm” [4 v.39] they then asked each other “Who then is this?”

Most of them were fishermen, this miracle occurred in an environment with which they were very familiar.  Surely they had learnt when there was a risk of this nature and would not venture out.  Matthew, Mark and Luke all record this dramatic event, it was etched in their memory.

It is described as “a great windstorm” and the “waves were breaking into the boat.”  As Jesus dramatically stills the storm, he asks, “Have you still no faith?” [v.40]

Compare this with what we read today in Exodus 16, there is a challenging parallel!  The nation of Israel had witnessed miracles, the plagues, walking through the sea on dry land and the destruction of the Egyptians armies at the hands of their all-powerful God – the one whose name/reputation was being established by these events.

As they “grumbled against Moses” because of the lack of food [v.2] Moses could have said, “Have you still no faith?”

We have commented several times that in this 21st Century we are travelling in a sinful Godless wilderness.  Storms of God’s judgements are starting to break out more and more in this world, they are going to get worse.

We all need to really get to know our Lord and Master and develop such a measure of faith that makes us certain Jesus is in control whatever may come on this earth: and when he returns – .and how soon now? – it will not enter our minds to say, “Who then is this?”as our faith becomes utterly wondrous sight.