Thought for June 29th. “FOR IN A SINGLE HOUR”

 Todays readings.. 1 Samuel 10, Isaiah 54, revelation 17&18.             Our chapters in the thought-challenging book of Revelation are now moving towards

Thought for June 29th. “FOR IN A SINGLE HOUR”2018-06-29T09:12:23+10:00

Thought for June 27th

“GOOD NEWS OF HAPPINESS” Todays readings.. ! Samuel 7&8, Isaiah 52, Revelation 14 The nature of present human happiness and its causes

Thought for June 27th2018-06-27T09:31:15+10:00

Thoughts for June 26th

“LISTEN TO ME YOU WHO KNOW RIGHTEOUSNESS” Todays readings.. 1 Samuel 5&6, Isaiah 51, Revelation 12&13 How few there are today who

Thoughts for June 26th2018-06-26T09:24:39+10:00

Thought for June 25th

“MORNING BY MORNING” Todays readings.. 1 Samuel 4, Isaiah 50, Revelation 10&11 We do not know a great deal about Isaiah’s personal

Thought for June 25th2018-06-25T10:22:36+10:00

Thought for June 24th

“IN A TIME OF FAVOUR” Todays readings.. 1Sam 3, Isaiah 49, Revelation 7,8&9 Our first reading is the heart stirring account of

Thought for June 24th2018-06-24T09:56:11+10:00

Thought for June 23rd

“THE LORD WILL JUDGE THE ENDS OF THE EARTH” Todays readings.. 1Samuel 2, Isaiah 48, Revelation 5&6 Hannah, who was to be

Thought for June 23rd2018-06-23T07:40:05+10:00

Thought for June 22nd

“LISTEN TO ME YOU STUBBORN OF HEART” Todays readings.. 1 Samuel 1, Isaiah 46&47, Revelation 3&4 What a blunt message from God

Thought for June 22nd2018-06-22T09:51:21+10:00

Thought for June 21st

"TO THE ONE WHO CONQUERS I WILL GRANT ..." Todays readings.. Ruth 3&4, Isaiah 45, Revelation 1&2. What a remarkable set of

Thought for June 21st2018-06-21T08:53:33+10:00
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