Todays readings.. 1 Kings 1, Jeremiah 28, Mark 2

            As we read Jeremiah’s rebuke to the false prophet Hananiah (28 v.15) we thought of how this is happening today!  We are surrounded by the false teaching and belief in evolution – that there is no God and, as a result, people can live as they please – although, or course, obeying the laws of the country in which they live; although in many cases, some of those laws can be ‘bent’!

            Jeremiah tells Hananiah, “… you have made this people trust in a lie.  Therefore thus says the LORD: ‘Behold I will remove you from the face of the earth.  This year you shall die, because you have uttered rebellionagainst the LORD” [v.15,16]  We are in awe of the fate awaits those who are in “rebellion against the LORD” today!?

            On Wednesday we will come to Jeremiah’s 30th chapter and see how he makes a fascinating long term prophecy.  What words the LORD revealed to him!  They are God’s words – and they are recorded for us to absorb – they are fascinating!

            “Behold the days are coming, declares the LORD, when I will restore the fortunes of my people Israel and Judah, says the LORD, and I will bring them back to the land that I gave to their fathers, and they shall take possession of it … behold I will save you from far away … Jacob shall return and have quiet and ease, and none shall make him afraid.” [v.10] 

            This is in the process of happening and on Wednesday we hope to make more comments. But note the final sentence in Wednesday’s chapter, “In the latter days you will understand this.”   We are challenged to understand, let us not ignore the challenge and read God’s word to build up in our minds a full and true understanding, making sure we do not “trust in a lie.”