Today’s readings.. Deuteronomy 28, Song of Solomon 8, Acts 25&26

    This was the question the Apostle Paul put to King Agrippa.  He did not wait for him to answer, but immediately added, “I know that you believe” [Acts 26 v.27].  The King does not deny this, but notice his response, “In a short time would you persuade me to be a Christian?” [v.28]  There is no evidence that he became a Christian but all those who are readers of God’s word have abundant evidence of what the prophets said and wrote and how much of it has so far been fulfilled – and what lies ahead! 

    The King recognised this and Paul was challenging him to believe – as an outcome of this recognition.  Now it is one thing to accept what the prophets wrote as being true and acknowledge that it came to pass: it is another for this to make a difference in our attitude toward God and “to become a Christian” in the sense in which they were Christians in the First Century.   To become a follower of Christ one has to show it by attitudes and actions as well as in words. 

     One remarkable example of what the prophets predicted is in our Deuteronomy reading today.  Who can deny the truth of its fulfilment?  A few try to!  When we were young, the ugly nature of its fulfilment was published with frightening photographs to support the testimony. Unbelievable things had been done to the Jews by the Nazis and over 5 million experienced horrible deaths. 

     God caused Moses to predict this would one day come on them if they failed to believe and serve him in the way he required.. Moses wrote, “the LORD will give you there a trembling heart and failing eyes and a languishing soul … night and day you shall be in dread and have no assurance of your life … because of the dread your hearts shall feel, and the sights that your eyes shall see.” [Ch. 28 v.65-67]. 

    Do we believe the prophets?  Yes we do, as Agrippa did.  Does our knowledge of what God caused them to write persuade us to believe in God and his claim on our lives – and take action to serve him and his Son?  Agrippa walked away without answering – what do we do?