Thought for April 19th

Todays readings ... Deuteronomy 2, Proverbs 29, John 12. “THE WORD THAT I HAVE SPOKEN WILL JUDGE” How challenging are the words

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Thought for April 18th

Todays readings.. Deuteronomy 1, Proverbs 28, John 11 “ELEVEN DAYS JOURNEY FROM HOREB” Today we start reading the book of Deuteronomy. Its

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Thought for April 17th

Todays readings.. Numbers 36, Proverbs 27, John 9&10. “FOR JUDGEMENT I CAME INTO THIS WORLD” John records some of the most thought

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Thought for April 16th

Todays readings... Numbers 35, Proverbs 26, John 8. "THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE" What did Jesus mean, “The Truth will set

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Thought for April 15th

Todays Readings.. Numbers 34, Proverbs 25, John 7 "IF ANYONE'S WILL IS TO DO GOD'S WILL" The Gospel of John is particularly

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Thought for April 14th

Todays Readings... Numbers 33, Proverbs 24, John 6 "YOU HAVE THE WORDS OF ETERNAL LIFE” Today’s 6th chapter of John is particularly

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Thought for April 13th

Todays Readings.. Numbers 32, Proverbs 23, John 5 “AN HOUR IS COMING WHEN” In our reading today in John Ch. 5, Jesus

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Easter Bible4Kids

Easter Bible4Kids. Has come and gone! A great time was had by all. with songs, fun and craft. We had great kids, teachers

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Thought for April 12th

Todays readings.. Numbers 31, Proverbs 22, John 4 "EXECUTE THE LORD'S VENGEANCE" Today’s chapter in Numbers (31) tells us about the death

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Thought for April 11th

Todays readings.. Numbers 29&30, Proverbs 21, John 2&3 “WHOEVER DOES WHAT IS TRUE …” In today’s ch. 3 of John’s Gospel we

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